“Young Will Tomlinson, aged thirty years, walked into his apartment one June afternoon and found a dead man on his couch. Will did not know the dead man, or how he had come to be in his apartment, or how he had come to be dead.” 


So begins Dead And Alive, an exciting new murder mystery.


Pursued by the relentless Homicide Inspector Lupo, Will undertakes his own investigation into the mysterious murder, with the aid of his long-lost childhood friend, Belew, despite the fact that Will is a bond trader and not any kind of detective. This investigation takes Will into the life of the unknown murder victim, a merchant marine seaman with no visible connection to Will, and through some of the seamier sections of San Francisco, and sailing across San Francisco Bay and out into the ocean waters beyond.


The dogged Inspector continues to build a case against him, and Will digs deeper and deeper, until ultimately what he finds will change his own life forever after.


A gripping and powerful page-turner, Dead and Alive is a mystery with solid meat on its bones.



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